Wave 3: Skeletor, Panthor, Sorceress & Man-At-Arms

These limited-edition Masters of the Universe™ digital action figures give fans a new way to collect and play. Your toys come to life the moment you unwrap them and are ready to take a walk on The Block. And soon you’ll be able to play with your toys in many different ways. We make it easy for everyone to build a collection.

Meet 4 New Action Heroes
Get ready for a new way to collect and play that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Watch these digital action figures come to life the moment you unwrap them.

MOTU by the Numbers
  • 3 Release waves

  • 4 Hero characters in each wave

  • 7 Rarity skins for each character

  • 12 Hero characters in all

  • 28 Collectible toys in each wave

  • 84 Collectible toys in all

  • 10,000 Total quantity for each character

  • 120,000 Total MOTU Cryptoys

Wave 3: Skeletor, Sorceress, Panthor, Man-At-Arms
Your Masters of the Universe™ Cryptoys collection won’t be complete without these 4 fun and fierce Heroes available in 7 unique rarity skins. This character reveal is the last in the MOTU series. With 28 possibilities, you’ll want to collect them all!

Check out your Hero’s Power Level

Each action figure’s Stat-O-Meter power level is influenced by tier, rarity level, and skin design factors. Masters of the Universe Cryptoys feature 1st edition Heroes, the most powerful tier in the Cryptoyverse.

Unbox and Unwrap your Hero
The collector experience begins with our Cryptoys Cubes. You can choose to keep them in mint condition or unbox to reveal your blister-packed toy. Once you unwrap your toy, your new friend will come to life.

Go for a Walk on The Block

After you’ve unwrapped your action figure, you can immediately take your new toy out for a spin on The Block. Watch to see how your new pal walks, runs, turns, and jumps. When you’re finished, your toy is tucked away in your Cryptoys Backpack until you’re ready to play again.

Start Earning Future Benefits

Every time you max mint (5 cubes per transaction) you’ll earn a Golden Ticket! Each Golden Ticket will be redeemable for early access to a drop in 2023 and beyond. Learn more about how Golden Tickets work here.

Wave 3: Rarities

Cryptoys have seven rarities, with unique collectible skins for each character at varying quantities. The more scarce the rarity skin is, the more powerful it is in future game play.

Download your very own Collector Map here and check off your progress as you try to collect them all! Pull and unbox an Ultra Grail to become a member of the coveted Ultra Grail Club with rewards delivered every 90 days. Learn more here.







Ultra Grail

Begin your Collection Today
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Go Beyond Collecting
The Cryptoys experience doesn’t stop at just collecting. We’re building a rich platform that combines toys, gaming, and entertainment to bring new meaning to the word PLAY. To learn more about the world of Cryptoys, check out our whitepaper.