Welcome to the Most Exclusive Club in the Cryptoyverse!

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The Club

Welcome to the Ultra Grail Club - home to the most elite collectors who have uncovered the rarest of the rare Cryptoys: The Ultra Grail. As a member, you'll gain access to exclusive prizes, surprise airdrops, and epic gear. Turn your collection into a one-of-a-kind adventure, and let the Ultra Grail Club take you on a ride filled with the unexpected!

Go Beyond Collecting

Every 90 days, a variety of redeemable perks will be available to those currently holding an Ultra Grail in their Backpack. Rewards will change over time and could include:

  1. Custom Cryptoys Art

  2. Cryptoys Ultra Grail Club Merch

  3. Quarterly Raffles for Exclusive Experiences, Products, and more!

Ultra Grails by the Numbers

  • 3 Ultra Grails Available - Zoo-F-O Escape™ Series

  • 12 Ultra Grails Available - Masters of the Universe™ Series

  • 300 Ultra Grails Available - Star Wars™ Wave 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Ultra Grail Club?

A: The Ultra Grail Club is for Cryptoys collectors who are currently holding an Ultra Grail Cryptoy across any available Cryptoys Collections.

Q: How do I get into the Ultra Grail Club?

A: By creating an account at Cryptoys.com, purchasing a Cube and unboxing a Cryptoy with an Ultra Grail rarity. Once the Cryptoys Marketplace opens, there will be an opportunity to buy Ultra Grails as they are listed for sale.

Q: I've unboxed an Ultra Grail, now what?

A: Once you unbox an Ultra Grail, you will receive an email from the Cryptoys team welcoming you into the Club and providing more information about your rewards!

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about my membership?

A: Support@cryptoys.com

Stay Tuned For More Details On Upcoming Rewards!