The Zoo-F-O drop has ended

All remaining Zoo-F-O Cryptoys Cubes have been vaulted by Dr. FUD and are no longer available for purchase.

The Crew that Started it All

Explore the first original collection of digital toys in our ever-expanding universe of toys, games, and entertainment. Stay tuned for your next opportunity to collect the Zoo-F-O Series.

  • 3 character breeds

  • 7 rarity level skins

  • 21 collectible characters

  • 10,000 quantity per breed

  • 30,000 total genesis first editions

OG Rarities

Cryptoys have seven rarities, with unique collectible skins for each character at varying qualities. The more scarce the rarity skin is, the more powerful it is in future game play. Download your very own Collector Map here and check off your progress as you try to collect them all!







Ultra Grail

Go Beyond Collecting

The Cryptoys experience doesn’t stop at just collecting. We’re building a rich platform that combines toys, gaming, and entertainment to bring new meaning to the word PLAY.

To learn more about the world of Cryptoys, check out our whitepaper.